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Studio 1, Earlscourt Industrial Estate Churchtown Dublin D14R8K0 Ireland


Roxluna is an Irish owned company launched in February 2016 by jewellery designer and former Interior Architect Emily Mackeogh. Her love of travel, design, culture and most importantly people has always been a driving force. 

Born in Dublin, Ireland Emily spent most of her Summers staying with her sister between LA and San Diego in California. This is where the inspiration came from for Roxluna. She spent her time there visiting all of the gorgeous boutiques and jewellers around Cali, soaking up the effortless, bohemian style and getting to know wonderful wholesalers and business owners in the area. She wanted to create a brand that felt like it could have been from anywhere in the world and made people feel as happy as she did to wear it. She'd always made jewellery as gifts for friends, so venturing into goldsmith and silversmith courses was a very natural progression. 

With so many cultures converging in California, Roxluna draws inspiration from Native American turquoise relics, hammered gold and gemstone from the middle east and simple gold layering pieces. Her love of yoga and interest in the energy of crystal, spirituality, and the cosmos also holds a strong influence on the collection.

Using a method of ancient wax carving, many of the pieces in the collection have been hand carved by Emily. This allowed a mould to then be made and cast in either solid gold or silver. All of our solid gold carved pieces have been hallmarked with our special stamp in Dublin Castle. 

The Roxluna logo is derived from a simple ancient mandala. Said to be the centre of all creativity and spirituality, it symbolises the seed of an idea. Through drawing and meditation, the goal of the mandala is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it also symbolises cosmic and psychic order.

Luna meaning moon holds various connotations for the Roxluna brand, we are all naturally drawn towards everything in our lives and we are all connected more than we even realise. Just like the full moon affects the tides (fact) we gravitate naturally towards what is meant for us and what we really love.



First pop-up in November 2016. We've already evolved so much!