Roxluna jewellery is made using the highest quality materials and precious and semi-precious gemstone. All pieces are hand made and have hand set stones so extra care is needed. As with any fine jewellery it needs to be looked after and put back into the pouch or box it arrived in when it’s not being worn or a lined jewellery box. With our necklaces we advise that you find somewhere safe to hang & separate from other items so that they don’t become tangled. We also advise to keep all jewellery away from extreme heat, perfume, lotions and always remove before exposure to water.


Gold filled, otherwise known as (rolled gold) has a real layer of thick 14ct gold which prevents tarnishing. Chemical cleaners or clothes are not suitable for gold filled jewellery. The best way to clean is in warm soapy water, rinse well to remove soap and dry thoroughly with a very soft cloth to remove any oil build up. This will also help minimise scratches on the surface of the gold. Although gold filled jewellery is quite resistant to moisture we still recommend to take it off prior to showering or exercising. Excessive cleaning and polishing is also not recommended. Please remove or take care of any stones or gems on your item.


Gold vermeil is plated sterling silver. Sterling silver is an excellent base precious metal to hold gold plating but please note that gold vermeil jewellery will lighten naturally over time and can not get wet.  Please clean with a very soft untreated polishing cloth. Remove before any kind of exposure to moisture, putting on lotions, spraying perfume or extreme heat. Please also note that vermeil (rings in particular) will usually tarnish slightly as the base metal is sterling silver which there is no prevention for unfortunately.


All of our sterling silver is hallmarked 925. As with most precious metals, sterling silver tarnishes naturally but is actually less likely when worn regularly. Clean your silver jewellery in warm soapy water, ensuring that it is rinsed thoroughly and dried before storing. Alternatively polish your silver jewellery with a soft cloth or gentle silver cleaner. Please place back in the bag or box provided when it’s not being worn and keep away from moisture, harsh chemicals, lotions and extreme heat.


Some gemstones such as opal, pearl and turquoise are fairly porous and should not be immersed in water. Gemstone hardness is based on a standard called the Mohs scale, where the higher the Mohs scale number, the harder the stone and the lower the Mohs scale number, the more susceptible the stone is to scratching, chipping, and breaking. Please take this into consideration and take care of your gemstones. This also goes for crystal, especially raw crystal which is porous. Always remove before exposure to water. NB. washing hands, please dry hands thoroughly before placing gemstone rings back on hands.


Please always take care not to drop, scratch or bash your jewellery. We cannot take responsibility for natural wear and tear or carelessness. Please treat your Roxluna jewellery with respect to ensure longevity in your wardrobe!

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